I was a little concerned…would he be able to hit the gay notes that I have written? Um, because there are notes in musical theatre that only gays can hit.

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Fooling the Heteros… Vintage Drag Queens

Yet no matter how much I wanted to, I could never fully relate to the characters of Will & Grace.There’s a number of reasons why I couldn’t identify with them — from the high economic class setting, to the predominantly white cast, but mainly because I don’t, and have never, identified as gay.

I’m bisexual and there are very few male bisexual characters on television. The only queer story Hollywood seems to want to tell is that of white gay men. There are a few bisexual female characters (who tend to be overly sexualized) but even fewer or zero canon bisexual male characters. Even the few bi characters on television can’t bring themselves to say the word “bi.”




I tried to scroll past this. I really did.

Oh god …

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By popular demand: A Room With A View starring James Wilby in his fleeting few seconds of fame.

Could this be Maurice thinking about Alec?

ignite0me That idea is very(story-)suggestive. ;D

Perhaps Maurice has fallen into a reverie about the night of the piano-moving at Penge. And everything that followed…

exponential63 , and now it’s in my headcanon, forever!

ignite0me You should write something!

Could this scene take place (somehow, if improbably) during Maurice’s day-trip to London for his first appointment with Lasker Jones, before his fateful return to Penge? Or later?

(Obviously Maurice has a lot more days/evenings to fill during the c. 12-day period after he flees from Alec and Penge, during which time he might reasonably attend Cecil Vyse’s musical soirée…)

Alternatively, my naughtier thought is that, instead, Maurice attends a Tchaikovsky concert during the 12 days (similar to the book-canon concert where he encounters Risley, who knows ‘queer things’ about the composer and passes on Lasker Jones’s details), where he ‘feels’ Alec very strongly while surrendering to the music… (Part-inspired by book!Maurice’s line to Alec at the museum: ‘I felt you when I tried to get some sleep at the doctor’s. You came hard at me.’)

Ok, this is how it is in my head:

Clive and Cecil are the ones who know each other, because they were friends in public school, and have kept in touch since then. They both have a taste for classical music. Clive has introduced Maurice to many of his high class friends, including Cecil, who has invited Maurice to watch Lucy perform. When Maurice is there, he feels kind of bored as Lucy performs, because he’s instead thinking of the fact that Lucy’s brother looked a lot like that handsome gamekeeper he met in the Penge.

I think we can all agree that the likelihood of Cecil being queer is high. The rest can be left up to everyone’s imagination …


I’m crying

This is obviously satirical, but oh god, I wish it were real!


I’m crying

This is obviously satirical, but oh god, I wish it were real!

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"Intent and impact are very different things."

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It’s interesting that this turned up on my dash after yesterday’s fiasco …

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So basically, earlier today, I reblogged something Thommy related that one of my other followers had posted. For anyone who didn’t read it, I said (although I’m paraphrasing here) that I pity Thommy shippers who honestly think it’s going to become canon. As a result, I got a number of messages from an anon who felt that what I said was condescending, and instead of leaving it alone, I kept replying, trying to explain myself again and again.

Look, regardless of the fact that I disagreed with this person’s views, I had a good think about what I said, and now, I wish I hadn’t said those things. You know the whole intent versus impact idea? The fact is, it doesn’t matter what I was trying to say. What matters is that that anon was right about my attitude. My replies were condescending and rude, because I outright said that that person - and other people like them - were deluded and irrational because of the way they felt. Yes, it is wrong to tell other people how to feel. It’s especially mean when it’s about a topic that might seem trivial to you, but actually means a lot to another person.

So this goes out to that anon in particular. You don’t have to forgive me, but I’d like you to know that I’m sorry. I take full responsibility for my rudeness, and there’s no excuse for it. I won’t do it again.

Anonymous said: "I don't see Thommy as slash." Um? UM? Do you even know what slash means, other anon? I'm so sorry you have to deal with these people. I was once apart of the Thomas fandom before it was overthrown by the Thommy apocalypse (and I'm sorry I'm using such harsh terms, but I'm still bitter about it.) But just so you know, I agree with you 100%. They're known to attack and get very emotional about people who don't agree with them.

THANK YOU, Anon 2! You are my new best friend.

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